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Top 5 reasons Women needs to Resistance Train
July 5, 2021 at 7:00 AM
by Tiffany Nolan
Top 5 reasons Women needs to Resistance Train

Before we dive into our top 5, let’s understand the basics. Resistance training is a form of exercise that is geared towards increasing strength and endurance. Often associated with weight training it can include calisthenics (body-weight movements), isometrics (holding positions), and plyometrics (jumping/HIIT). What’s the difference between resistance training and strength training you ask? Strength training is lifting heavy weights at a low reps range to get stronger while resistance training can involve lifting free weights, dumbbells, bands etc and the program focus is to increase muscular endurance and strength. So they do somewhat tie into one another but the weight, sets and repetitions vary.

When we resistance train our anabolic hormones become elevated. Growth hormone and insulin growth factor (IGF-1) rise to repair muscle fibers that we broken down during exercise. This is great news! While this repair is happening our body is using energy to repair and rebuild. That’s right ladies- you are burning calories after that workout and up to 72 hours afterwards! Now that we understand what resistance training is, let’s get into the top 5.

1. You will drop bodyfat

When you start resistance training your body will begin to repair and build lean muscle and in order to do that it will burn more calories which intern means your resting metabolism will increase. So while you are running errands, at work, taking care of the family your body is burning extra calories all day long. Even just resistance training 2-3 times per week will help you drop unwanted body fat.

2. Your mental health will improve

Studies have shown lifting weights improves many mental illnesses including but not limited to- mood disorders, anxiety, depression, dementia and developmental disorders. The hormonal responses to you moving and getting your body and brain to work together are huge! Exercise not only increases the production of feel good hormones called endorphin but it also decreases the body’s stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

3. You will sleep better

Many people experience improved sleep quality and a reduction with sleep onset (the time it takes to fall asleep) while on a long term workout regimen. They also sleep deeper and longer compared to those who do not workout. Exercise eases muscular tension and improves sense of well being which may also play a factor in improving sleep quality. However, working out too late may do the opposite and hinder you. The body needs time to calm down and prepare for bedtime. Try getting those workouts done at least 3 hours prior to that bedtime otherwise you may experience some disruptions throughout the night.

4. You’ll maintain bone density

The positive relationship between lifting weights and osteoporosis has be studied for over the last decade. This is especially important for women in higher risk categories for bone density loss. Weak bones lead to unnecessary injuries and potentially surgeries. One study found women past menopause who completed a year long resistance training program were able to increase their bone mass in their spines by 9%. Talk about anti-aging! Not only do your bones get stronger there’s also an improvement in balance and overall quality of life for seniors or anyone already experiencing symptoms of osteoporosis.

5. You will gain confidence

Getting stronger and impressing yourself builds confidence and self esteem- two major factors in the psychology world. Confidence and self esteem are earned. A strong, toned, tight body is work and no matter what, when you want to put in the work for your best body, no one can take that away from you. Setting goals and reaching them builds momentum and anyone who feels afraid or uncomfortable about not knowing where to start or if they are performing the exercise correctly has no excuse at this point. All the information you could want is available at your finger tips (we all have phones). Plus you can always get your programming from us here at Recalibrate Body Mind Spirit. So what are you waiting for? Those weights aren’t going to lift themselves and your just the gal we want to see living her best life!